A downloadable game for Windows

Swing Swing Swing is a short-and-sweet adventure through a mysterious wireframe world, BUT with one important twist: you can't move!

Well, not directly at least. Attach your grapple hook to surfaces and let gravity SWING you forward!

The opening tutorial tests your might, but past that is a delightful maze of puzzles, obstacles, and secrets!


Experienced players will discover even more fun in a second play-through:

  • * Can you find all the power-ups?
  • * Can you find the two secret codes?
  • * Can you beat the designer's best times? (As of July 2018: [02:59.80 Any%]; [03:51.16 100%])


Headphones and External Mouse Recommended
Designed by Troid92 using the NetMission Engine
See the README file for more information, including hints for the secret codes!

Install instructions

  1. Download SwingSwingSwingItch.zip (below) to your computer.
  2. Extract the game files into their own non-zip folder.
  3. Open the file SwingSwingSwing[.exe] to begin playing.

This demo has been tested in Windows 10, but it should be highly compatible with both Linux and Mac if opened with Wine.

See the README file for more information.


SwingSwingSwingItch.zip 4 MB


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good game but way too short! :-)


Thanks! I hope to expand on the concept someday. :-)